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What is Guardian?

When does Guardian start?

Guardian training follows the school year. Training will start in September of each year. The first training will start in September, 2020.

What are the Prerequisites & Requirements?

This program is open to Christian men and women, single or
married, who are 18 years of age or older and who meet the
following criteria:
• Prior international/cross-cultural mission trip
• Able to swim 50 feet
• Able to run a continuous mile
• Current passport
• High School Diploma or GED

What will it cost to graduate from Guardian?

Year 1: $20,000
Year 2: $20,000
Year 3: $10,000
*Year 4: $5,000

If completely paid upfront, you will receive a 5% discount.

After year four, Guardian International will cover all expenses incurred while working for the organization in the field.

*Year 4 cost varies depending on the training track chosen by cadet.

When is payment due?

Year 1: $5000 due quarterly by the following dates.
September 4 (First day of 1.1 training.)
November 30
February 28
May 31

Year 2: $5000 due quarterly by the following dates.
September 20 (First day of 2.1 training.)
November 30
February 28
May 31

Year 3:
$5000 due bi-annually by the following dates.
September 19 (First day of 3.1 training.)
February 28

Year 4:
Tracks under $10,000 due bi-annually by the following dates.
August 28 (First day of 4.1 training.)
February 28
Tracks over $10,000 due quarterly by the following dates.
August 28 (First day of 4.1 training.)
November 30
February 28
May 31

Where will the Guardian training be held?

It will be held at various training locations including:
Ebenezer Bible School
6560 York Rd
Spring Grove, PA 17362

Will I need health Insurance?

Medical insurance which covers international travel will be
required for each participant.

Do I need to be a member of a church?

No. However, we highly recommend being deeply connected to a community of believers.

Who covers travel expense?

Participants are responsible for travel to the Guardian
International stateside base for training and deployment. Guardian
International will arrange and facilitate all other transportation
and travel.

What degrees will I get if I graduate from Guardian Academy?

How is it possible to get a degree this quickly?

Guardian Academy is based on experiential learning.  This means there will be lots of “hands on” learning.  Plus, Guardian Academy runs year around which enables you to do three semesters per year.

I'm dating... In the first two years, how much time will I be away from Lancaster and how many weekends will I get off?

First year looks like this:
  • 8 weeks away
  • home 1 1/2 weeks
  • 6 weeks in bible college setting between York & Gettysburg where visitors are allowed and most weekends are free
  • 6 months living at home and studying from home. Gone about 1 week per month for training
  • 7 weeks in wilderness location with limited interaction with friends and family
Year 2 looks like this:
  • Starts with 4 weeks of classroom training where visitors are welcome and most weekends are free, location not known yet (edited)
  • 9 1/2 weeks deployed out of the country
  • 3 1/2 weeks home over Christmas
  • 11 weeks of training with visitors welcome most weeks. Some weekends free, some occupied with training, location not known yet (edited)
  • 7 weeks deployed out of the country11 weeks of training that include about 1 month of deployment out of the country. Depending on the specialty chosen this training would be away from Lancaster
  • 2 weeks of year end debriefing ending with Graduation, then a 3 week break before year 3 starts.

Can I apply for scholarships?

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you to apply for scholarships.

Please note, Guardian does not participate with the Federal Title IV financial aid program which includes PELL Grants and Federal Student Loans.

There are an overwhelming amount of scholarships available to all types of students, but the difficulty is sorting through them to find which ones fit your situation. In searching for scholarships, you need to be aware of what the organization giving the scholarship requires. Do you need to attend an accredited college or university? Do you need to submit a receipt for school expenses? How is the money awarded – to you personally or to your school?

Many scholarships depend on your unique story of your life – what you plan to do with your education, your background or challenges you are facing to attend college, your financial need, etc. There are also scholarships that are associated with businesses or organizations you have personal connections with such as your bank or credit union, your place of work, or your church or church denomination. The easiest way to start looking for scholarships is to use one of the various scholarship search tools.

Scholarship Search Tools:
Big Future
Fast Web

Does Guardian accept international students?

At this time Guardian Academy is not certified by the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and therefore cannot enroll students with an F-1 or M-1 visa or issue the Form I-20 that prospective international students must use to apply for a student visa to enter the United States. For further information regarding student visas see the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services:

Interested international students may contact Guardian directly to consider eligibility to apply for a temporary visitor visa.

Can I transfer credits into the Guardian program from another school or university?

Currently the training in Guardian Academy is so specific that there is no room for outside credits in the first two years. In the third and fourth years there is more flexibility however the learning experience of Guardian training is unique and very team oriented. Students are learning as teams and as a group and therefore variations to the program will be limited until the fourth year which is the graduate level of training. Any credits transferring into the degree would need approved by ACU and will need to be determined on an individual basis.

Can I transfer credits from Guardian to another school or university?

If a student completes an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree through the Guardian program and wishes to transfer to another university, the student will need to determine the admission requirements for the specific university he or she would like to attend. Many schools will have information about how much transfer credit is accepted at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently Anchor Christian University (ACU) has partnerships with four regionally accredited universities and one Bible College that recognize ACU programs and extend a transfer agreement to undergraduates and graduates of ACU. Because Guardian Academy courses are awarded credit by ACU, Guardian students also may find it easier to transfer to these schools within the agreement. If a student is interested in another university, contact the school directly to verify their acceptance of credits or a degree from a non-accredited university. To see the ways ACU connects with other universities and schools see